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Here ye! Here ye!

April 1, 2009

This weekend as my friend was barbecuing us some pork chops, he said, “Did you hear those reports on the radio about the pigs they were killing while they were still alive?” My first thought – which I kept to myself, because I try not to be an ass – was, “How else would you kill a pig?”

OK, maybe I did say this, because he responded with, “I mean, they were butchering them while they were still alive.” I told him I had not heard this, and he said it had been all over the news for days. We agreed it was a horrible thing.

Then yesterday morning a friend told me over coffee about how this major Swedish chicken company was recalling thousands of tons of frozen chickens because they had discovered crushed glass in them. My friend said they suspected sabotage from animal rights groups. I had not heard this either.

About a week ago I did actually try to watch the Swedish evening news, but it felt so old-fashioned, like I was watching a town crier. I thought, “You mean, I just have to sit here while this guy stands there and talks the news at me? I can’t skip ahead or click on that interesting link about 10 Things to Never Say at a Job Interview?” He lasted about five minutes.

It wouldn’t really hurt me to know more about what is going on in the world. I’ve begun to realize that there is a tiny information gap in getting all my news from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and skimming the micro headlines of Yahoo! News when I log out of my account. Not that I don’t enjoy hearing pigs scream, or eating glass, but I don’t want to look like a doofus in front of my friends, do I?