What I learned today

1. I learned today that foveal vision is the kind of vision we use to see details. It is the smarter though less laid-back sibling to peripheral vision, which only cares about the big picture and helping you duck from objects thrown at your head.

The freaky part of foveal vision is that it is only as large as double the width of your thumbnail held at arm’s length. That is not much room for detail, is it? All day I have been testing it out and taking no satisfaction in my newfound limitations.

2. I learned today from author Elizabeth Gilbert that geniuses were once believed to be creatures or beings that supplied people with their creativity and insights. Nobody was a genius, rather they had a genius. She says that this was a healthier way of looking at creativity – artists, writers and painters could only take partial credit for their successes or failures. Instead of like today, when artists too often end up shooting themselves in the head.

She also says that she sometimes does not know where her ideas come from, and has talked to other artists who say the same thing. She’s writing a book about it, about poets who say that sometimes writing is like taking dictation, or Tom Waits who when driving his car on the freeway told the unknown source of a new song, “Can’t you see I’m driving?”

3. I like these eyes that do not see what we think they see, and minds that do not know what we think they know. It keeps life interesting, doesn’t it?


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2 Responses to “What I learned today”

  1. dragonseast Says:

    After I read this I spent a solid two minutes testing my foveal vision and I am not happy. So limiting….

    I hope to God I never hear a dentist say what you heard.

  2. dragonseast Says:

    Another post!

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