My son as Freddie Mercury

Now, I’m not much for posting photos in my blog (mostly because I believe every photo posted of me online sucks away a small portion of my soul that I can only regain by eating a small animal), but Megan at The Melodic Insomniac has asked twice now for photos of my son dressed as Freddie Mercury. As all of us who were raised with manners know, if someone asks twice to see photos of your child dressed as an 80s rockstar, it’s rude not to comply. And we also know that children, soulwise, are quite well stocked. So Megan, I give you not one but a whole troubleload of Freddie Mercury photos. Enjoy! (And also note how the kitchen photos were cleverly shot so as not to reveal the amount of unwashed dishes on the counter and stove…)


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5 Responses to “My son as Freddie Mercury”

  1. mollyschoemann Says:

    Wow. You just gave me a valid reason to have children.

  2. megan Says:

    Oh. My. George.

    I totally have a double crush right now – on your little man for being so cute, and on you for being the coolest dad ever.

    You just made my week.

  3. mollyschoemann Says:

    I wish I weren’t serious about that being the most convincing reason I’ve ever heard. I’m much more interested in dressing my children as pop icons than in passing down my genetic material. Or maybe I want to pass down my genetic material only if it’s in the form of a toddler dressed like David Byrne.

  4. megan Says:

    I was planning to have kids someday, mainly because my biological clock has been screaming lately, but I have to agree with Molly: this gives me another reason – and a very good one at that – to have them. I’ll listen to Queen and Brahms whilst pregnant, then tape baby Mercury Mustaches on them when they’re born.

    That’s really funny about leaving your dirty dishes in IKEA bags on the balcony. I’ve been known to let dirty dishes pile up, but I usually let impending company motivate me into actually washing them.

    I think Mini-Mercury will be safe from the soul-sucking camera. The Mercury Mustache will act as a deterrent.

  5. megan Says:

    Is it really sad that I keep coming back to look at these photos? I can’t help it. Mini Mercury has some strange pull on me. It’s been a week already…one would think I would have gotten over my cute kid crush by now.

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