The unbearable tiredness of being

I’ve been sitting here trying to have an interesting thought now for about 30 minutes. The trouble is that I am very tired, like Superman cradling kryptonite at the bottom of a swimming pool tired, and this prohibits interesting thoughts. Had Superman been able to talk when at the bottom of that pool he would have bored you to death. You would have been looking at your watch, wondering how much more time you would need to sit beside him down there before you could leave without seeming rude.

The Stockholm suburbs aren’t helping either – just gray sky, pine trees and snow. If instead I looked out my window and saw a monkey running with a watermelon over his head, chased by a barking dog, now that would be something. I could tell you where the monkey ran to, what kind of dog it was, and why it is so unfair that we would all assume the monkey stole the watermelon, instead of considering whether the dog wasn’t trying to steal it from the monkey.

Normally I would blame this kind of tiredness on my brain, but this time I believe the problem is vascular, as in “related to a system of channels for the conveyance of a body fluid.” Yes, I’m going to go with fluid imbalace on this one. Tonight I will sleep while sitting up in bed, as people used to, and tomorrow the doctor can come by and bleed me. After that I will definitely see monkeys running with watermelons, and what a relief it will be.


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3 Responses to “The unbearable tiredness of being”

  1. dragonseast Says:

    Now I am craving to have a long conversation with superman at the bottom of a pool.

    Your response to my last post made me laugh out loud for about 30 seconds.

  2. megan Says:

    I know what could stimulate some thought for all of us: photos of Mercury Mustaches.

  3. kentcooks Says:

    dude…get some sleep. you’re boring me.

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