Has been drinking and is getting sentimental watching “Miami Ink”

Yes, I am now mixing Facebook status updates and WordPress titles. Such is life.

More than a year ago I was riding the commuter train between Uppsala and Upplands Väsby, with my son in his stroller, and across from me an Italian guy said, “So, how is your little champion doing?” I immediately liked him for calling my son a “little champion.” And today he and his wife and two kids came over to my place for tacos, drinks, candy and general hanging out.

I like this about life: one comment on a train a year and a half ago results in friendship, kids playing together, and people from three different countries eating tacos at a table in Sweden as the snow comes down outside. It makes all the internationalism a little more bearable. Though tacos and alcohol always make things a little more bearable.

I love my son, right now, pushing his plastic bus around the coffee table. I love kids hitting each other and crying one moment, and the next moment sneaking out to the staircase in pirate hats. Nothing will ever get better than that.


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4 Responses to “Has been drinking and is getting sentimental watching “Miami Ink””

  1. Reid Says:

    What a great post, some of the best make it look so easy. Reading your posts make me want to be a better writer.

  2. trishatruly Says:

    Ah, Sugar Pea (sounds like a Southern -ism), you are such a gentle soul. I like that about you. I like that you pay attention in life. I like that you make ME pay attention.
    Thanks. This was cool.

  3. nycnewgirl Says:

    I love tacos! And Miami Ink. It’s so way better than LA Ink.

  4. dragonseast Says:

    I agree man. I miss that about childhood. I also wish that I could wear a pirate hat at work and not get fired.

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