The land of make believe

This morning I gave my son toast with butter and jam for breakfast, because we were out of his usual välling – a kind of Swedish liquid porridge. When I handed it to him on a plate (OK, fine, it was not a plate, it was the plastic lid to some tupperware), I told him it was “like cake.” I felt this was an entirely reasonable description of the toast, it being made of flour, butter and sugar – almost exactly like cake.

Later in the shower, he bent down and picked up some hairs near the drain, then put them on his upper lip and declared, “Look, a moustache!” Now, he had been a sport with my make-believe cake – after waiting 20 minutes he did, in fact, cautiously lick it and put a small piece of it in his mouth. I appreciated that. However, I could not be as generous with his body-hair moustache. The sad fact is that most people don’t want to be around people who make moustaches out of questionable body hair found near the shower drain. I really and truly wish this wasn’t the world we live in, but it is.

After the shower – moustache free – he put a plastic bag on his shoulder like a purse and said he was “Mamma.” I sat down on the couch, watching “Mamma” walk back and forth across the living room, and ate the rest of the toast-cake. It was delicious.


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4 Responses to “The land of make believe”

  1. Susan Says:

    I want some toast and jelly. I’m fairly starving right now. where’s my toast and jelly?

    Please hold the body hair.

  2. Desiree Says:

    Ew. A moustache made of random hair? Kinda gross. But it never ceases to amaze me what kids create with found objects.
    Love the image of boy child parading around with purse pretending to be mamma. Cute. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my post. I’m not sure why it doesn’t allow you to click thru as you mentioned. I’ll check into it.


  3. mollyschoemann Says:

    Just wait, there will be plastic bag purses on the runway in the spring. You may have a young Louis Vuitton in your care!

  4. 3 desserts in 3 minutes with 3 ingredients « The Sugar Pea Express Says:

    […] 3 desserts in 3 minutes with 3 ingredients By chadhend People,  if you are a human being like me and enjoy things that taste fatty and sweet, then you are in for a special treat today. Do you remember in my first entry to this blog, how I said this blog would be diminishing ten percent of the world’s problems? And then I went on and proved that, first by demonstrating how the Matrix sequels could have been made not to suck, and then by suggesting an invention that teaches children how to give their parents back massages? Well I have something more for you today. Something that builds on my concept of toast-cake. […]

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