I wish there was a substitute for hard work

Like ice cream. Couldn’t we replace hard work with ice cream? Or, say, lazing around on the couch all weekend? I think that sounds like an excellent idea.

Here is a brand new hypothesis I just thought up. Every food item in the world falls into two categories: those that can be dipped in chocolate, and those that can be wrapped in bacon. Am I wrong or right? I believe I am right.

Also, and I can’t tell you how many times I have thought this (particularly when I have deadlines), but in the movie “Click” Adam Sandler used the remote control in totally the wrong way. He should have paused his life, thus giving him time to finish his work. And he should have gotten the hell out of there as soon as Christopher Walken showed up – I mean, that’s never a good sign, is it? It means some serious weirdness is going to go down that you don’t want any part of.


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4 Responses to “I wish there was a substitute for hard work”

  1. megan Says:

    I like the food philosophy. There are even some foods that work both ways, like honeydew melons; they are great wrapped in bacon, and dipped in chocolate. Of course, I haven’t tried a bacon-wrapped honeydew dipped in chocolate… somehow, I don’t think that would be too tasty.

    Unfortunately, I think this philosophy is limited to most solid foods. One cannot, unfortunately, dip yogurt in chocolate. It can be mixed in, but not used for dipping. Something like chips, or popcorn, too, couldn’t be easily wrapped in bacon. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but I don’t think the effort required is worth it.

  2. amoslanka Says:

    I was gonna say that “foods that can be deep fried” might be another, although I’ve heard in certain places of the world you can find deep fried anything. And i mean anything . So maybe that just fits the description of all foods.

  3. Mahliska Says:

    I will most certainly vote yes on the proposition that we should substitute “ice cream and lazing on the couch” for “hard work.” (Although I suppose when you love your job, you rarely consider it hard work.)

    And I thought the same thing when I saw the movie Click! Because on MANY occasions in my life, I’ve wished for the ability to press pause. Especially in consideration of my habitual tardiness.

  4. Dating Advice Says:

    You can always treat yourself with ice cream after long hours of hard work. And I wouldn’t wish to escape some part of my life, no matter how bad they are because I know those made me who I am right now. The thing is, we should learn to deal with it, no matter how bad and complicated life is.

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