My son curses like a very small sailor

This summer I stubbed my broken pinky toe and shouted – as one does when smashing already broken body parts – “Fuck!” My two-year-old son had the special pleasure of watching this episode, and consequently throughout the summer he used the word “fuck” – even though I had stopped using it right away. It was interesting because he said the word at exactly the times when the word should be used: when bumping his head on the wall, when dropping his fork, when trying to attract the attention of an entire table full of dinner guests.

Although I stopped using the word after the toe incident, he continued right on with it. This is not surprising, because if I learned anything from my psychology classes in college, it is that once you reward a cat for saying the word “fuck,” it will continue to say “fuck” long after you have stopped giving him treats for it. And I admit, too, when trying to give my son a musical education, perhaps the NWA video on youtube was not a good idea. I know that now.

Currently we are both doing quite well with the non-use of the word. Except yesterday I stubbed my toe again – alone this time – and said the word. Do you know what happened? I felt guilty. I haven’t felt guilty for saying “fuck” since I was a teenager. I felt unlike myself. I felt myself sliding further into the role of a parent, further away from someone who says “fuck” like they are strengthening some kind of curse muscle.

I suppose this is not a bad thing. Living in Sweden has given me free reign with the word – they even use it here as part of their movie and book titles, like  “Fucking Åmål” and  “Aldrig fucka upp” (“Never fuck up”). They are in love with our “fuck” word. Sadly, I think I have to let it go. But as they say, better to have said “fuck” and stopped saying it, than to have never said “fuck” at all.


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3 Responses to “My son curses like a very small sailor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ha ha “curse muscle.”
    i like it.
    muchly ^_^
    – v.soymilk

  2. mollyschoemann Says:

    I just know that when I have a kid, that kid will be weird and frustrating in a way I never could have prepared for or anticipated– just like I know I was to my parents!

  3. poetryforlife Says:

    I wonder if people still know what it ACTUALLY means…

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