Anticipating the hatred of strangers

When I first started this blog (that long, long week ago), I think I had some poorly thought out plan that I would be blogging about where I live: Stockholm. It’s just that since the blog started, I’ve been indoors working. So while I could clearly blog about what I see outside my window (for once blue skies, trees changing colors, that big pine tree that blocks my view of the subway station and the alcoholics picking up cigarette butts off the ground), I just feel it wouldn’t be fair to you people.

And I’m all about fair. For example I saw this blog post yesterday about a man who says that his “manpurse” was “stolen,” and then he ends it with the phrase “Don’t be hatin’ on me!” I thought this post was very funny, but I just didn’t know how to comment. First of all, his use of quotation marks. Was it a manpurse? Was it stolen? I don’t know. And then he anticipates that his readers would be hatin’ on him for having a manpurse. It was masterful, yet it left me with so many questions about manpurses, theft, and the true nature of reality.

Back to work.


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One Response to “Anticipating the hatred of strangers”

  1. nycnewgirl Says:

    I forgot to mention that I completely do not understand that post.

    peep this shit:

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