I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

Just a moment ago I read online that “10 grams of caffeine accumulated suddenly in a human body would result in death.” How about that. I really like the idea that caffeine could be “accumulated suddenly” in my body. Like my body would suddenly decide to start hoarding caffeine, or better, that I would bump into a white, powdery wall made entirely of caffeine, and a sharp edge of it – just ten grams – would penetrate my stomach lining thus killing me. It would be a classic CSI episode – death by the caffeine wall. The CSI experts would go through their database of all the caffeine walls in the Las Vegas area until they found one that had been particularly poorly constructed, with sharp, stomach-piercing edges.

So, yes, I am trying to get off caffeine. Though I am having very little luck with it, as the one cup of coffee and half a can of Red Bull in my unforensically-examined stomach indicate. I think next week will be the right week for quitting caffeine. This week I need my little white friend, in wall form or not.


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